Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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As you can see I had two strand twist. Love them but I have had them on for a month or so. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am in NYC for a couple of days and it has proved to be very difficult to find or even cook outside of my dwelling... But I keep going STRONG....

Friday, August 27, 2010


 Hey, I know it has been a while since I have been up dating my post. Not only has it been so crazy for me with all that is going on with school for my eldest, but also work has come into play.
  Along with many other aspects of life, while sitting in the media room one morning on a chill day (as I would  call it) which was about 2 1/2 months ago. My husband and I were doing the usual reading different books and constantly sharing information back and forth. At some point  both of us in the mist of our reading and researching we stumble on to something that was different in text but similar in meaning pertain our eating habits. At that time we did not think out eating habits were really something that needed any dramatic change.
We were not eating any meat ( chicken, beef, goat...etc) However , sea food was our thing. Still eating everything us (not to say if you do eat these things you are less of a person or are wrong and I am right.) was the issue for us.
My husband was socializing on  a regular basis with an gentelman that was very much an interesting person to converse with. It was thorough numeros conversations that we came to get our own RESEARCH at hand and really decieded to explore our option. Cleansing was our first plan of action. get all the build up out and start fresh.
With that said the Gentelman had us meet his mother who is and Herbealist (Please keep an open mind to that title). We met (Annette Thomas) at 3:30 pm ( at least that was when we were scheduled to meet her but with two children to run after and get ready it was more like 3:45 pm) at the Dekalb Farmers Market. She had her hair in an afro as beautiful as she can be. When she stood to greet us she was this slender women who was confident in her steps as well as her words.  After studing for years and EDUCATING individuals, she is someone I have come to repect and learn from.
The objective of this meeting was not sell anything or prey as many of you reader might think. It was for her to get a sense of what our objectives were, and how she can better assist us to getting there with knowledge instead of perscriptions. We had a great straigh forward , no nonsense talk. She went from A-Z with us, explained and examine with us. We asked question and she answered. Many of the questions we asked she wanted us to research them for ourselves and make our understanding of it and  if and when it need more dysections she will make it a smooth recovery.
Annette gave us source of things we should keep in our diet and other that should be eliminated completely.  With that information at had I was to schedule the meals according ly.
Now I began this journey on the 1st of August 2010, so we have been at this for about 27 days. The most difficult part of this was the transition portion. getting all the right meals in at the right time for us and creating meals from nothing was soooo dfficult , we were really use to one way and having to changed that 360 degrees was very difficult.
Getting into a place where it was just GREAT
After meeting Annette there were alot of days that I even had to call her 3-4 time a day to just ask questions, and again she was a ton of help and inspiration.
As the days would follow I would she changes in our attitude, skin, hair and even apperance. I felt like I was walking on clouds. LITERALLY.
Again to get here you would have to really come out side of your element and see what it is this whole cleansing process will do for you. Beside the fact that I lost 20 pounds out of this was just a great bonus.
Here's What We Have Not Eaten
Since the first I have not eaten any form of dairy, any animal product many veggies, eggs, carrots, table salt, rice, wheatt, many grains omitted, sugar. and many things that were in our diet that was just eliminated completely.
PLEASE READ.........I wrote this for those of you who feel there has to be another way, another option that can enable you to live a health life without counting calories or worring about when a next out break of bacteria will happen on these wonderfulk things we call food.
Again before I went on this journey I was READY. mentally, physically and most of all spiritually. You have to be very much ready for this. take sometime do some research on your own. Then to get more indepth with what you  have learned you can contact Annette:
Annette Thomas

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just testing this to see how it works.. So now I can update on the go... Is that not fun.


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