Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey guys I know I have been MIA, reason is as you can see we are expecting baby number 3. As thrilled as we are I am soo soo sick. Until recently I was back and forth to the hospital for a number of issues which I will get to in a different post. But I just wanted to let you guys know I the great news..

Peace and love

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Day 7- School started in Georgia for my eldest daughter on Monday. yet, we are still overseas handling business and much more. That is why I enjoy the freedom of Homeschooling also. ( I get it is not for everyone and this is just from my view point) We started the curriculum again yesterday, and so far so good. She get to do school work in the morning, then in the afternoon she is either at  the beach or the pool, any other place we have on our agenda. I know it is hard at time. Last year was my first year of Homeschooling and it prove to be very difficult on my part, I had no idea of how to begin this journey. So I researched my butt off until I was able to at least get to a place where I was slightly comfortable. ( Our reason for deciding to Homeschool the girls will be on another post). After that it was more research and even now I am still learning about the best way for US to get into a routine. However, the amount of traveling we do and would like to continue doing, is working well with OUR choice to Homeschool.
Last input of the day... So ready for bed Look..LOL
Peace Maude

Saturday, August 6, 2011


DAY-4  Sorry for the delay. However we (the hubby and the girls and I)  have been traveling. We are currently on our 4th day in Jamaica. It  has been a long time coming. I will continue to post when ever I can.
Also I have included some pic of my hair style for the remainder of my stay here, and todays outfit.
We went to the pool today and after sitting for about 10 hours yesterday to install these mini twist you would think that I would have laid off the swimming to a couple of days right. Nope! not I. I rather prefer the shrinkage that happens once I have wet my mini twists and condition them. Why is this you ask? well the top portion ( the crown of my head)  seems to be a lot straighter than the rest of my head. So it tends to do its own thing until I wet it and put on some leave-in hold. you will see what I mean when I  post the before and after the pool pictures. Write to you later.

This was right after my 10 hour marathon on my hair the front is alot straighter than the rest of my hair. 
Piece I wore today to the yacht club's pool. 

Back view of the piece  (purchased @ my local GOODWILL for $4.00)

After the pool and the leave-in hold. Like it much better this

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[DAY 7]

UHHHH...It was torture today, the constant cooking is getting to me but I did it . Last smoothie of the day done. Have a great night

Peace and Love

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[DAY 6]

So the 6th day is down. It was sort of a struggle today. The children and I went to a water park and well they had plenty of snacks (healthy). However, When I was done with my juice I was done there was no juicer any where in sight. So being there for about three hours almost got to me. So to help me not look in the snack bag and eat anything. I Just review my goals within, remembered why I was doing it and it took some convincing but I got through the day. Besides that I had three heads of hair to wash I emerged 2 hour later DONE.  More power to all the mother, father, grandparents who keep their children Natural.

Here is what the small twist I have had in for the past 6 days look after using the conditioner to remove the chlorine from my hair. ( many call this co-washing). Then I just let my hair air dry. I believe this style will be great for a Caribbean vacation, since the more it dry the more I love the style.

Peace and Love,

Hope you Like the pic.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey loves,
Yes, Day 5 is done and on to Day 6.
- How do I feel? 
For the most part I am really surprised at how well I am feeling. I have been going to the gym and exercising every chance i get ( meaning when the hubby gets home and I am able to seek out). Just came back from a jog around my local park with a friend.

-Do you see any difference?
Yes and No. I do believe if I went on a scale a weighted myself I will see a few pounds come off. But I have yet to check., most of it will be water weight.  The rest will take time an discipline.

-How long do you plan on doing this?
I will take it one day at a time. Listening to my  body will be key. Once I feel my body is ready (or may be me  who know) then I will end it. Some have gone for as long as 60 days.
(uhh we'll think about that one).

-Why in the WORLD are you doing this to yourself?
One reason is to prove to myself that I can, another is to flush out my system of all the toxins that has built up in the last couple of months. Granted as a vegan there is probably not very much internally you can flush someone might say. However, exterior toxins can and have affected many internally. So it is best to try to fast one way or another for at least 3 day. ( Ohh and sometime as a Vegan we don't normally eat cheese. but I do cheat especially with Pizza. Thought I do  suffer from doing that with really bad abdominal pain)

-Do you recommend it?
Though I do not have medical degree or license. I do think it is beneficial for everyone to fast or cleanse for 3 days or more. ( consult with said physician before changing you diet) Legally I am suppose to say that but i have not and will not consult anyone but myself in regards to myself

Peace and Love,

Some Late Night WebCam Love.


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