Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Day 7- School started in Georgia for my eldest daughter on Monday. yet, we are still overseas handling business and much more. That is why I enjoy the freedom of Homeschooling also. ( I get it is not for everyone and this is just from my view point) We started the curriculum again yesterday, and so far so good. She get to do school work in the morning, then in the afternoon she is either at  the beach or the pool, any other place we have on our agenda. I know it is hard at time. Last year was my first year of Homeschooling and it prove to be very difficult on my part, I had no idea of how to begin this journey. So I researched my butt off until I was able to at least get to a place where I was slightly comfortable. ( Our reason for deciding to Homeschool the girls will be on another post). After that it was more research and even now I am still learning about the best way for US to get into a routine. However, the amount of traveling we do and would like to continue doing, is working well with OUR choice to Homeschool.
Last input of the day... So ready for bed Look..LOL
Peace Maude


  1. i hope you can figure out the ins and outs of school...your hair was mesmerizing me...it's gorgeous!

  2. Day by day I am learning, thanks mrs.pancakes



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