Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am so proud to say that my sister has graduated from Law School, the whole family came and we celebrated this huge accomplishment.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So as this week ends I am getting even more excited. We will be on our way to Tennessee for my sister-in-laws Graduation. The amount of family coming from all  over the world is also exciting. She is an inspiration to not just us but the little future me's that I have created. My eldest one adores her, she is counting the day's one by one. Too funny.

Sid note: Mother's day was just so amazing. I was still super busy however, I was told by my husband and daughter to stay in bed for the morning and was bought breakfast in bed. WOW the whole nine. I was so tearful at the sight. I Never really care to celebrate anything because I do believe that life should be celebrated every single day that we have to live on this earth.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to my lovely family.

Signing off


Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I am on my way to the children's swimming class, I can't wait this will be the second time for my eldest one but the first time for the baby.

I really can not wait. To see just how they will react, different state and i really do not know the swimming instructors like i knew the ones in NYC.

You don't know until you try.

Picture's to come soon.

Signing off


* update.... So I get to the YMCA, only to be told that the Tot and Mommy class was not being taught . I was the only one that signed up for it. My argument was I paid so guess what, whether or not the baby and I are the only one's in the class is not my problem. I would like the teacher to teach us period. If not I would l Like my a refund. Soon enough the teacher came and taught the lesson. Surprisingly, the lesson went well she did not cry, she was a little cold, and it was new to her. She was more frightened about the temperature of the water more so then the "one, two, three... under the water" game we played, she did not like it too much. At the end she was just over it.

After the baby Nat's class then it was time for Gab's class. She on the other hand was super excited. Gab's was all over herself with excitement. Only for the director to walk in and say to a pool room full of parents " um, there is no class today, you have your days mixed up." WOW... two unorganized mistakes in one day. At this point i was livid, before i even open my mouth he double checked his calender and apologized for the discrepancy. Thank goodness, I was getting so upset of how they ran this facility I was ready to withdrawal the kids from the classes.


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