Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey loves,
Yes, Day 5 is done and on to Day 6.
- How do I feel? 
For the most part I am really surprised at how well I am feeling. I have been going to the gym and exercising every chance i get ( meaning when the hubby gets home and I am able to seek out). Just came back from a jog around my local park with a friend.

-Do you see any difference?
Yes and No. I do believe if I went on a scale a weighted myself I will see a few pounds come off. But I have yet to check., most of it will be water weight.  The rest will take time an discipline.

-How long do you plan on doing this?
I will take it one day at a time. Listening to my  body will be key. Once I feel my body is ready (or may be me  who know) then I will end it. Some have gone for as long as 60 days.
(uhh we'll think about that one).

-Why in the WORLD are you doing this to yourself?
One reason is to prove to myself that I can, another is to flush out my system of all the toxins that has built up in the last couple of months. Granted as a vegan there is probably not very much internally you can flush someone might say. However, exterior toxins can and have affected many internally. So it is best to try to fast one way or another for at least 3 day. ( Ohh and sometime as a Vegan we don't normally eat cheese. but I do cheat especially with Pizza. Thought I do  suffer from doing that with really bad abdominal pain)

-Do you recommend it?
Though I do not have medical degree or license. I do think it is beneficial for everyone to fast or cleanse for 3 days or more. ( consult with said physician before changing you diet) Legally I am suppose to say that but i have not and will not consult anyone but myself in regards to myself

Peace and Love,

Some Late Night WebCam Love.

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