Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[DAY 6]

So the 6th day is down. It was sort of a struggle today. The children and I went to a water park and well they had plenty of snacks (healthy). However, When I was done with my juice I was done there was no juicer any where in sight. So being there for about three hours almost got to me. So to help me not look in the snack bag and eat anything. I Just review my goals within, remembered why I was doing it and it took some convincing but I got through the day. Besides that I had three heads of hair to wash I emerged 2 hour later DONE.  More power to all the mother, father, grandparents who keep their children Natural.

Here is what the small twist I have had in for the past 6 days look after using the conditioner to remove the chlorine from my hair. ( many call this co-washing). Then I just let my hair air dry. I believe this style will be great for a Caribbean vacation, since the more it dry the more I love the style.

Peace and Love,

Hope you Like the pic.

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