Thursday, October 7, 2010


Evening or shall I say morning... it has proved to be so difficult for me to update as often as i wanted to since the beginning of the business, homeschooling, driver to all activities. I really wish BLOGGEr had a software for the Blackberry  just like WORDPRESS and the Iphone app. Instead of the test a post which only gives you a certain amount of characters you can insert.

Ahh alas, it has been a little over 5 days since i have had this hair style, the cut was done by MOI as well as the styling. I really thought with all the hair I cut of it would have been much shorter. to my surprise it was that length. 

Hope you like the mew cut!



  1. You did a good job! Makes me want to [almost] go straighten my hair! I don't do it because I know it will take me a long time :(

  2. thank you for the compliment Brandiss. It will sometimes take little time than you think. I was done in 30 minutes. Just really deep condition the night before and the next day you are good to go.

  3. I know I wish they had one!! Lovely hair!



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