Sunday, January 2, 2011


So 2010 has come and gone, WOW was that fast or what. Many that i have spoken to have told me what their new years resolutions are. Then came the question as to what mine was? Honestly I have made a promise to myself, if i was going to do something I was going to do it that same moment or just don't even bother putting any more thought to it. For me to have a "resolution for something or to do something at the beginning  at the beginning of a new year never made sense. We are never promise tomorrow, so why put off anything to day today for tomorrow?

Don't get me wrong making plans and setting goals are things that I do all the time. setting time limits on these goals and plans are also agreeable. But holding out on them until the  following year makes absolutely no sense to me  what so ever. 

During the 2010 year I have grown and learned alot from experiences shared and happened. Experiences that I wish to repeat and never to reoccur again. But with every New year we each try to grow a  little and make changes to ourselves of our situation which ever seems to make our lives alot better.

I Wish all of my readers a very Happy New Years and many wonderful thing to come.


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