Friday, February 5, 2010

Deciding to go natural

I was natural for 3 years before becoming pregnant and deciding to relax my hair.( I do know that pregnancy was the worse time to decide to so this) at that time I was working in the Beauty/fashion business, and appearance was everything. Meaning having my head stuck between the toilet more than 3 times a day was my main concern more so than my appearance. I was also not as educated enough about my own hair and thought relaxing it would make it easier.

So after three years I relaxed it, now i am back to my origin roots.

I have been 4 months since I have relaxed my hair, I am also trying to just grow it out without the bug chop. Will I succeed? Stay tune

there was day...2nd day


  1. Good for you! I think natural hair like the photo posted is absolutely stunning! Good luck!! I know the growing out your hair part is the most annoying :/


  2. Thanks Sarah for the encouragement.



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