Saturday, February 6, 2010

Work is never over when you say it is over.....

So this morning i woke up @ around 3 o'clock to the sound of my eldest daughter coughing, literally hacking out the lining of her esophagus. In to the kitchen we went for some honey and lemon just like my mother taught me. Then back to the bedroom trying to sleep then, the little one wakes from the light and noise (she sleeps very light) darn. I put her back to sleep but now I am fully awake ( hate when that happens).

Down I went looking over at me was the alarm clock, taunting me, teasing me changing its number minute by minute as if it was saying :

'yeah you and I know that you will be asked for breakfast by the little one's in less then 4 hour so hurry'...

To shut it up I just unplugged the B#&$@......

I finally got some sleep, once I woke up it was like a machine.
Starting with breakfast then cleaning of the first floor of the house. Yes all of the first floor
then then second floor and finally the dreadful children playroom. We all know how that went, I unlisted the help of the big baby girl who was less then eager to help.

Got down stairs a washed and comb the girls hair..finishing off with dinner. husband went to the office today so...did this all myself.

I was able to write this because I finally sat my behind on a chair and was able to just chill..

Then there was night....3rd day

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