Thursday, February 4, 2010

Would you like a $2000 trash bag?

Via NY Mag

This is the Louise Vuitton's Raindrop Besace Bag. Retail $1,960.

Well Louis has done it again. it cease to amaze me how just having a Branded name can allow you to make this trash bag. Again I love fashion and self expressive art... to each their own.

In My Opinion: (IMO) One there are better things I can do with $2000 dollars then go out a purchase a freaking bag of trash with leather straps. fashion is wonderful but when these kind of thing happen I wonder. Really should anyone need a bag like this I own a sewing machine and have made some bags on my own, We can talk about designing a lovely garbage bag with great leather straps for half the cost...I'm Just say

Then there was Night 1st day

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